Vol 30, No 11 (2012)

Emergency Medicine

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Editors comment

Overmedicalising - again! PDF HTML
Bridget Farham 399

Guest editorial

Emergency medicine PDF HTML
Lee Alan Wallis 400

Main articles

Management of common animal bites in the emergency centre PDF HTML
Andreas Engelbrecht 401-405
Patient safety PDF HTML
T B Welzel 406-408
Emergency management of drug abuse in South Africa PDF HTML
Charl Jacques van Loggerenberg 409-412
Triage in mass casualty situations PDF HTML
W P Smith 413-415
Emergency point-of-care ultrasound applications PDF HTML
Hein Lamprecht, Melanie Stander, Niel van Hoving 416-419

More about

Poisonous plants PDF HTML
Andreas Engelbrecht, Anton Mauritz Cilliers 420-422
Emergency point-of-care ultrasound training, credentialing and accreditation PDF HTML
Hein Lamprecht 422-424
Oral medicine PDF HTML
P J Botha 424

Haematology Series

Myelodysplasia PDF HTML
P Jacobs, L Wood 425-429

Case Reports

An endocrine cause of stupor after myocardial infarction PDF HTML
T X S Freeth, I L Ross 430


Abstracts PDF HTML
When to use beta-blockers
Sports and haemophilia
Discourage general health checks
No antibiotics for adults with sinusitis

AIDS briefs

Risk of recurrence of active TB is high for people with HIV PDF HTML
Bridget Farham 433

News bites

New Bites PDF HTML
Chris Bateman 434-436

CPD Questionnaire

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