Vol 29, No 3 (2011)

Biomedical Engineering and Medical Imaging

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Costs of healthcare PDF
Bridget Farham 99

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Biological engineering PDF
T S. Douglas 101

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Evaluating fracture healing using digital X-ray image analysis PDF
S P Whiley 102
Facial image analysis to detect gestational alcohol exposure PDF
T S Douglas 108
Advanced magnetic resonance imaging of the brain PDF
E Meintjes 112
Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging PDF
B S Spottiswoode 116
New developments in medical imaging to detect breast cancer PDF
C L Vaughan 122

More about

Shedding light on the brain with near-infrared spectroscopy PDF
A Roos, F Robertson 126
Computer-aided diagnosis in chest radiography PDF
A Mouton, T S. Douglas 127


More evidence against axillary node dissection PDF

AIDS briefs

Huge decline in HIV rates in Zimbabwe driven by fear of infection PDF
Bridget Farham 130

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