Vol 27, No 3 (2009)


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Editors comment

The public-private debate - again PDF
Bridget Farham 101

Guest editorial

Dyslipidaemia PDF
D J Blom 102

Main articles

New therapeutic developments in lipidology PDF
D J Blom, A D Marais 104
A clinical approach to dyslipidaemia PDF
D J Blom 108
Secondary dyslipidaemia PDF
Z Bayat 115
Normal and abnormal lipid and lipoprotein metabolism PDF
A D Marais 118
Lipid-modifying therapy PDF
M C Rajput 123

More about

Physical signs in dyslipidaemia PDF
D J Blom 127
Rational use of lipid investigations PDF
M le Riche 129
Atherosclerosis imaging - how and whom? PDF
K H Wolmarans 130
Getting the diet right PDF
C Fuller 132

Case Reports

Cryptococcal pneumonia in HIV PDF
Hoosain Khalfey, Marc Mendelson, Gillian Ainslie 134


Abstracts PDF

AIDS briefs

AIDS briefs PDF
Bridget Farham 139

CPD Questionnaire

CPD questionnaire PDF