Vol 26, No 11 (2008)


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Getting it right PDF
Bridget Farham 521

Guest editorial

Microbiology PDF
A Forder 522

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Update on the laboratory diagnosis of tuberculosis PDF
C Bamford 524
What can you expect from a microbiology diagnostic service? PDF
E Wasserman 528
Medical microbiology - specimen collection PDF
A Forder 532
An approach to antibiotic-associated diarrhoeal syndromes PDF
I S Kalla 534
Intravascular catheter-related infection: update and overview PDF
M Mer 540
Interpretation of microbiological reports PDF
H Orth 545

More about

Blood cultures PDF
M Senekal 548
C-reactive protein and procalcitonin as markers of infection PDF
M Senekal 548
The interpretation of Streptococcus pneumoniae antimicrobial susceptibilities PDF
M Senekal 550
Laboratory diagnosis of paediatric lower respiratory tract infection PDF
M Senekal 551

Clinical pharmacology

Antibiotic prescribing in respiratory tract infections: first do no harm PDF
E H Decloedt, G Maartens 553

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AIDS briefs

AIDS briefs PDF
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