Vol 21, No 4 (2003)

Table of Contents

Case report: Choking produces pulmonary oedema PDF
M Ranta et al 228
AIDS overview PDF
Fred N Sanders 229
National Convention on Dispensing - calls for support to preserve doctors' rights PDF
National Convention on Dispensing 232
Local health and medical sites PDF
Fred N Sanders 233
Stress incontinence PDF
Medi Kredit 238

Editors comment

Lehitraot PDF
Fred N Sanders 189

Guest editorial

Technology in medicine PDF
Fred N Sanders 191

Main articles

Technology in cardiology PDF
Andrzej Okreglicki (AO) 192
Technology in respiratory medicine PDF
Richard I Raine 200
Technology in nephrology PDF
M D Pascoe, J A Halkett 206
Technology in neurology PDF
Edward B Lee Pan 214
Technology in gastroenterology PDF
Harold Bloch 219

More about

Technology in bone densitometry PDF
M M Conradie 224
Technology in dermatology PDF
Dagmar Whitaker 226


Medical ethics PDF
Trevor Modlin 231


Abstracts PDF