Vol 22, No 7 (2004)

Table of Contents

ARV treatment in Khayelitsha PDF
Bridget Farham 393
Prostate cancer - increasingly common PDF
Bridget Farham 396
Narrow QRS complex tachycardias PDF
A Okreglicki 398
Emergency medicine PDF
Fred N Sanders 400
Another major victory for National Convention on Dispensing PDF
National Convention on Dispensing 403
Diabetes insipidus PDF
Medi Kredit 410
By the way PDF
Bridget Farham 412

Editors comment

Continuing emergency care PDF
Bridget Farham 361

Guest editorial

Trauma - the malignant epidemic PDF
K Boffard 368

Main articles

The deadly dozen of chest trauma PDF
H Cubasch, E Degiannis 369
Interfacility transfer of patients in South Africa - what you need to know and how to make it happen PDF
F Lamond 374
Emergency management of injuries sustained during child sexual assault PDF
G J Pitcher 378
Early management of open tibial fractures PDF
K Boffard 382

More about

More about burns PDF
A Muganza, E Degiannis 386
Rehabilitation in a nutshell PDF
V Wilson 387
Securing intercostal drains in trauma surgical practice - How I do it PDF
F Plani 388
Trauma in pregnancy in a nutshell PDF
K Boffard 390
Child restraint - How we do it! PDF
G J Pitcher, T N Rogers 391

Case Reports

Chest pain after travelling in the tropics PDF
Bridget Farham 397


Abstracts PDF