Vol 22, No 6 (2004)

Table of Contents

Recognition of atrial fibrillation PDF
I WP Obel 337
Stroke - a neglected chronic disease PDF
Bridget Farham 340
HIV infection in children - office or outpatient visits? PDF
Bridget Farham 341
Wounds and fractures - World Wide Web resources PDF
Fred N Sanders 343
Pharminfo PDF
Bridget Farham 349
By the way PDF
Bridget Farham 359
Haemophilia PDF
Medi Kredit 355

Editors comment

In an emergency PDF
Bridget Farham 305

Guest editorial

Emergency medicine PDF
C H Balfour 309

Main articles

The pre-hospital trauma and emergency doctor PDF
C MacFarlane 311
Analgesia and sedation in the emergency environment PDF
C H Balfour 315
Managing the injured child: More than just treating the injuries PDF
L Schoeman 321
Triage - a South Afrfican persective PDF
S Gottschalk 325
Aeromedicine - a regional approach PDF
W Smith 328

More about

What to do at the scene of an accident PDF
C Robertson 331
Emergency unit equipment - proper prepration is paramount! PDF
W GJ Kloeck 332

Case Reports

Misuse of 'African medicine' PDF
Bridget Farham 346


Abstracts PDF