Vol 22, No 4 (2004)

Table of Contents

Sinus node dystunction PDF
Ronald M Jardine 208
World Health - 2003 PDF
Bridget Farham 211
News from the National Convention on Dispensing PDF
Norman Mabasa 213
Unsafe injections or sexual transmission PDF
Bridget Farham 214
Internet information about common infectious diseases PDF
Fred N Sanders 217
Pharminfo PDF
Hazel Riddell, Louis Bredenkamp 224
Addison's disease PDF
Medi Kredit 229
By the Way PDF
Bridget Farham 232

Editors comment

From infection to disease PDF
Bridget Farham 169

Guest editorial

Common infections - local systemic PDF
D Wilson, K Cohen 174

Main articles

Unexplained fever - an approach to defining the aetiology PDF
G Meintjes, K Rebe 176
Urinary tract infection in adults PDF
E Coetzer 182
Patterns of antimicrobial susceptibility among bacterial pathogens in South Africa PDF
A von Gottberg 189
Common infections of the ear PDF
B Singh, K Cohen 193
Treatment of common respiratory infections: The antibiotic dilemma PDF
K T Naidoo, D Wilson 200

More about

Adherence to antiretroviral therapy PDF
C Orrell 204
Preventing antimalarial resistance with artemisinin-based combination therapy PDF
K I Barnes 205

Case Reports

Acute hepatitis associated with black cohosh and other herbal remedies PDF
Bridget Farham 220


Abstracts PDF