Vol 23, No 11 (2005)

Table of Contents

Towards a cure? PDF
Bridget Farham 584
Conjunctivitis PDF
Bridget Farham 586
By the way PDF
Bridget Farham 590
Management of Enuresis PDF
J C van Dyk 538

Editors comment

A weighty problem PDF
Bridget Farham 533

Guest editorial

Weight control PDF
E Lambert, J H Goedecke 537

Main articles

Managing childhood obesity: A comprehensive approach PDF
N P Steyn 540
Ethnic differences in obesity PDF
J H Goedecke, C L Jennings 546
Update on pharmacotherapy for wieght control and obesity PDF
M-T van der Merwe 552
Fit and fat? PDF
L Dugas, T D Noakes 558
Evidence-based evaluation of current nutritional strategies for weight control PDF
S Meltzer 564
You are what you eat? PDF
E Lambert, J H Goedecke 571

Case Reports

Paralytic rabies PDF
Bridget Farham 576


Abstracts PDF