Vol 23, No 8 (2005)

Table of Contents

By the way PDF
Bridget Farham 423

Editors comment

A jaundiced view PDF
Bridget Farham 365

Guest editorial

Liver disease in South Africa PDF
C WN Spearman 369

Main articles

Autoimmune hepatitis PDF
H N Hairwadzi 372
Drug-induced liver disease PDF
S W van der Merwe 378
Fatty liver disease: Steatosis and steatohepatitis investigation and specialist treatment PDF
R J Hift 384
Management of chroinic liver diseases PDF
C WN Spearman 390
Acute and chronic viral hepatitis PDF
E Song 398

More about

An approach to obstructive jaundice PDF
J EJ Krige, J M Shaw 406
Liver transplantation: an update PDF
D Kahn, C WN Spearman, M McCulloch, A Numanoglu 410
Diagnosis of porphyria in South Africa PDF
P N Meissner, R J Hift 412

Case Reports

An unusual case of an unusual bug PDF
P Buckley, H Reuter 415
Tremors and fungus PDF
Bridget Farham 416


Abstracts PDF

AIDS briefs

AIDS briefs PDF
Bridget Farham 417