Vol 31, No 7 (2013)


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A community perspective PDF HTML
Bridget Farham 238

Guest editorial

Community dermatology PDF HTML
G Todd 239

Main articles

Community dermatology in practice: Control of morbidity in lymphatic filariasis patients in Indian villages PDF HTML
S R Narahari, T J Ryan, M G Aggithaya, K S Bose, G K Swamy 240-242
Development of dermatological services in Cambodia PDF HTML
C Bendick 243-246
Dermatological services in South Asia: Harnessing the non-dermatologists PDF HTML
V Kaur 247-249
Dermatology nursing in the community: The Mitchell’s Plain experience PDF HTML
J Stevens 250-253
Dermatology nursing in a rural area – the Overberg experience PDF HTML
D Cloete 254-258
Community dermatology - a Utopia come true PDF HTML
R Estrada-Castañón, G Chávez-López, G Estrada-Chávez 259-260
FundaciÓn Dermatologia Comunitaria Argentina PDF HTML
I M del Pilar Casas 261
Regional Dermatology Training Centre in Moshi, Tanzania – pursuing a dream PDF HTML
R J Hay 262-264
Podoconiosis and endemic non-filarial tropical elephantiasis – tropical lymphoedemas can be managed effectively in community settings PDF HTML
L C Fuller 265-269

Case report

Jaundice and an itch following a fall PDF HTML
Ndyebo Nghona, Mark Wayne Sonderup, C W N Spearman 270-271


Abstracts PDF HTML
Inhaled adrenaline no better than inhaled saline for babies with bronchiolitis
Planned home birth in low-risk women in the Netherlands
Co-prescription of statins and antibiotics linked to extra deaths

AIDS briefs

Bridget Farham 273

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News bites PDF HTML
C Bateman 274

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