Vol 31, No 5 (2013)

Renal and Urology

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Spin doctors PDF HTML
Bridget Farham 171

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Common paediatric renal conditions PDF HTML
Gertruida van Biljon 172-175
Common acquired kidney diseases in children PDF HTML
Gertruida van Biljon 176-179
The physiology of erection and its relationship to the management of erectile dysfunction PDF HTML
Shingai Mutambirwa, Alpheus Segone 180-181
Urinary retention in women PDF HTML
J Basson, C L E van der Walt, C F Heyns 182-184

More about

Renal disease in the elderly – a new entity? PDF HTML
Melanie Louw 185-186
An overview of catheters and collection devices in urology PDF HTML
Corne de Boer 186
Sperm retrieval techniques and cryopreservation in men with spinal cord injury PDF HTML
Schalk W Wentzel 187


Abstracts PDF HTML
Revisit standards for approving long-term drugs
Life expectancy in eastern Europe shorter than in western Europe
Lessons from Cuba
Melatonin secretion and the incidence of type 2 diabetes

AIDS briefs

Integrating HIV care into community health workers' role is a good model for southern Africa PDF HTML
Bridget Farham 190-191

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News bites PDF HTML
Chris Bateman 192-193

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