Vol 30, No 9 (2012)


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Editors comment

Cough like a cowboy PDF HTML
Bridget Farham 304

Guest editorial

Ear, Nose and Throat PDF HTML
Riaz Seedat 305

Main articles

The sore throat PDF HTML
Johannes Claassen 306-313
Identification and management of childhood hearing loss PDF HTML
Iain Butler 314-317
Vertigo - a practical approach PDF HTML
Johan Grobbelaar 318-329
HIV manifestations in the head and neck PDF HTML
Werner Hoek 330-333

More about

Hearing aids PDF HTML
Helena Catheriena Van Pletzen 334
Chronic suppurative otitis media PDF HTML
Theresa Erasmus 335-336
Management of acute bacterial rhinosinusitis PDF HTML
Tamaryn Daniller 336-338

Haematology Series

Aplasia versus pancytopenia, including the pure red cell variant PDF
Peter Jacobs, Lucille Wood 339-345

Case Reports

Malaria: A cerebral approach PDF HTML
Richard Court, David Stead, Karen Barnes, Clint Cupido, Ivan Joubert, Marc Mendelson 346-347


Screening for partner violence does not improve women’s health PDF HTML
Communicating risk PDF HTML
Maternal obesity is linked with newborn deaths in sub-Saharan Africa PDF HTML
Obesity paradox holds in people who develop type 2 diabetes despite normal weight PDF HTML

AIDS briefs

Starting HIV treatment reduces risk of tuberculosis, even for patients with higher CD4 cell counts PDF HTML
Bridget Farham 350

News bites

News Bites PDF HTML
Chris Bateman 351

CPD Questionnaire

CPD questionnaire PDF