Vol 30, No 7 (2012)

Chemical Pathology

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The drugs dilemmas PDF HTML
JP van Niekerk 228

Guest editorial

Chemical pathology PDF HTML
Rajiv T Erasmus 229

Main articles

Approach to acid-base disorders - a clinical chemistry perspective PDF HTML
Nicky Oosthuizen 230-234
Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) and estimation of the GFR (eGFR) in adults PDF HTML
Jocelyn Naicker 235-237
Prostate specific antigen:a useful but limited markerfor prostate cancer PDF HTML
Barbara Sedumedi 238-240
Thyroid disease: thyroid function tests and interpretation PDF HTML
David Haarburger 241-243
Essential laboratory knowledge for the clinician PDF HTML
Fierdoz Omar 244-248
Cost-effective utilisation of basic biochemical laboratory investigations in primary care PDF HTML
T S Pillay, M Turzyniecka, S S Naidoo 249-251

More about

Pre-diabetes and the metabolic syndrome PDF HTML
Verena Gounden 252-253
Vitamin D in clinical practice PDF HTML
Annie Zemlin, C Meyer 253-256
Laboratory tests in the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis PDF HTML
Mariza Hoffmann, W P Meyer 256-257
Investigation of immediate-onset IgE-mediated food allergy PDF HTML
Johan Kock 257-261
Troponins and acute coronary syndrome PDF HTML
Megan Rensburg 261-262


Low dose aspirin increases risk of major bleeding, but not in people with diabetes PDF HTML
CT scans increase risk of cancer in children and adolescents PDF HTML
Any decrease in serum glucose pays for patients with prediabetes PDF HTML
One in 10 tuberculosis cases in China is multidrug resistant PDF HTML

AIDS briefs

World Health Organization sets out route map for scale-up of treatment as prevention PDF HTML
Bridget Farham 265-266

News bites

News Bites PDF HTML
Chris Bateman 266-268

CPD Questionnaire

CPD Questionnaire PDF