Vol 29, No 5 (2011)

Medical Virology

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Bridget Farham 187

Guest editorial

Why do viruses keep their genome small? PDF
L Webber 189

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Viral infections of the central nervous system PDF
M Erasmus 190,192,193
Cervical cancer screening - a new viral paradigm PDF
K Richter 194,196,198,199
HIV management in practice PDF
T Rossouw 200-202
Mosquito-borne viral infections in Southern Africa: A public health perspective PDF
P G D Rautenbach 204-206
Water- and food-borne viruses: current developments PDF
M B Taylor 207-209
Current laboratory diagnosis of hepatitis B virus infection including 8 years of retrospective laboratory date PDF
S M Bowyer, J G M Sim, L Webber 210-213

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Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines PDF
Adele Visser, Anwar Hoosen 214
Infection prevention and control for viral infections PDF
R Lekalakala 214,216


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AIDS brief PDF
C Leach-Lemens 219

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Chris Bateman 220

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Siobhan Tillemans