Vol 27, No 8 (2009)


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Editors comment

Who gives the best health care? PDF
Bridget Farham 341

Guest editorial

Ear, nose and throat PDF
P Friedland 342

Main articles

A practical approach to parotid tumours PDF
J J Fagan 344
Rhinosinusitis: management guidelines PDF
D Lubbe 349
Dysphagia PDF
A McCullough 354
An approach to chronic otitis media with effusion - the pros and cons of grommets PDF
D Mol 358
Diagnosing allergic rhinitis - is there a need? PDF
G Davis 364

More about

Identifying infant hearing loss - never too early but often too late PDF
D Swanepoel 368
'Doctor my ear is blocked' - when to panic PDF
P Friedland 369
The dizzy patient - a 5 minute approach to diagnosis PDF
P Friedland 369

Clinical pharmacology

Drug-induced ototoxicity PDF
P Sinxadi, M Blockman 372


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AIDS briefs

AIDS briefs PDF
Bridget Farham 376

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Chris Bateman 378

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